Are you Nourished? Dr. Brooke Goldner’s Detox Program

Brooke Goldner, M.D.Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine |

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As a vegan medical doctor, my approach to health and healing is focused on maximizing the nourishment of your body so that your cells have the raw materials they need to do the jobs they are programmed to do, including healing.

You see, healing is the natural habit of injured cells. That is why you don’t have to pull out your sewing kit when you get a paper cut; your body knows exactly how to heal itself. As long as you have the platelets, white blood cells, and other necessary immune cells, as well as the nutrients required to patch up your skin, it will happen on its own, business as usual.

While it is important to avoid injuring your cells with toxic foods, like animal products and processed foods, health is not just about what you avoid eating, it’s about what you put into your body as well. That is why even people who noticed the benefits that they experienced when they first went vegan sometimes stall out before completely reversing their disease. They stopped creating more illness by avoiding the toxic foods, but their body did not have the building blocks required to heal, which mainly come from diet.

That’s why we don’t just want to focus on avoiding injuries caused by toxic foods, we want to optimize health and the ability to heal by eating the right foods. The most nutrient-dense plant foods, like greens, deliver health with every meal. They can protect us from the harmful effects of bad foods and reverse disease and injury.

My healing protocol focuses on not just nourishment, but hyper-nourishment of the body. I am referring to my practice of over-supplying the body with the most nutrient-dense foods. Then, it has everything it needs for healing—which rapidly increases the rate and the totality of the recovery from disease.

That is why the most important part of my healing program is eating large amounts of nourishing raw plant foods like greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Eating foods in their raw and whole state maximizes the delivery of the nutrients in the food without damaging the enzymes and other phytonutrients that are often destroyed by cooking.

My 4-week Detox & Heal Program uses hyper-nourishment as its key feature, and has been hugely successful in reversing pain and inflammation. It also dramatically increases energy and vitality in people with extremely severe diseases. It uses the protocol I used to heal myself of Lupus (with blood clots) 10 years ago. It keeps me healthy and strong to this day. The reason for the dramatic results is that it utilizes both of the steps it takes to achieve vibrant health: (1) avoiding all toxic foods, and (2) hyper-nourishing the body with healing foods.

In order to hyper-nourish, I encourage people to eat at least eight cups of raw greens and vegetables a day.

Dr. Brooke Goldner is a board-certified physician and best-selling author who specializes in preventing and reversing chronic disease with Plant-Based Nutrition

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