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We specialize in fashion runway modeling training, providing a safe environment for craniofacial boys and girls, including adults.

➡️ We’re also your guide to finding safe cranial facial modeling trainers in your local area and booking fashion shows.

Classes Every Sunday at 9:30 AM & 6:30 PM

1️⃣ One-hour class including exercises and expertise modeling training in a safe and public environment located in Southern California.

2️⃣ Prices vary based on financial circumstances. Very affordable.

3️⃣ Virtual training and nationwide locations will be available soon.

Runway Trainor & Celebrity Fashion Designer Vero Cruz at Amodel, V Inspired, and AMO La Cruz

We are a Modeling, Pageantry, and Life Coaching Program. Our program includes: photoshoots, angles, makeup, personal development and more! All ages are welcome to join us!

Fashion show seeking #craniofacial models for training and to walk this event in the Los Angeles area in Southern…

Posted by Cynthia Murphy – Craniofacial Awareness Advocate on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

We will not e-mail you unless you’ve reached out to us first. Please be aware if you receive any potential fake e-mails.

Always CHECK that the end domain on our e-mails are from {@} assuaged.com OR assuagedapp {@} gmail.com. To further ensure your safety we are also available via messaging directly on Facebook.

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