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Hazel Dixon-Cooper​ | Author & Health and Wellness Coach â„¹ ðŸ“§

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Trusting the weight-loss industry to help you permanently lose those extra pounds won’t get you anything but stuck and stalled. 🤷 Sure, those smaller portions you’re coached to eat help you lose weight, 🗣️ but you’re really only eating less of the unhealthy foods that made you fat in the first place. 🍔 Once you quit the program, the pounds pile on again. 🤦‍♀️

I know. For more than ten years, I struggled to lose first, thirty then sixty, and finally, more than one hundred pounds. 🛑 As my yo-yo dieting worsened, the programs I handed my money, time, and, ultimately, health to were eager to see me repeatedly try and fail because their business models are built on returning customers. 👎

The failures of people like you and me feed the $70 billion-and-growing weight-loss industry.💰

In truth, 95 percent of us will never succeed unless we stop buying into the hype that we can eat anything we want and permanently keep the weight off. ⚠️ That failure rate is consistent across every commercial weight-loss program and product as well as the medical profession’s cure-all, bariatric surgery. 🚫

112 pounds ago…

➡️Instead of handing your money to an industry that is designed to keep you overweight, start taking control of your health and your life. 

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Zero excuses for not trying these simple steps:

1. Drink water. 🚰

This is the simplest change you can make. Replacing sugar-loaded sodas, diet sodas, energy drinks, or other chemically loaded drinks with water can help you lose up to twenty pounds a year. 🥤 Not only do these drinks have zero nutritional value, but according to the National Institute of Health, they increase our desire for more sugar-filled foods, and contribute to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and kidney disease. 🏥

2. Switch out a sausage McMuffin 🥯 for Overnight Oats.* It’s cheaper, just as fast, and loaded with the right kind of nutrition. 💯

3. Walk more. ðŸš¶â€â™€ï¸

Find a friend or neighbor and take a daily walk. At first, you may not be able to make it around the block. I couldn’t. That’s okay. 👌 Keep it up and you will be able to go a little farther each day. When you have an accountability partner to support you, you are more likely to be consistent. ðŸ‘«

4. Skip the fast-food tacos 🌮 and mix one can of black beans with ½ cup of your favorite salsa. Heat and serve in warm tortillas with lettuce, green onions, and fresh tomatoes. 🥗

5. Try the above without the tortillas. 🤔

6. Focus on eating, not multitasking. ✅

How many times have you answered texts, watched TV, or scrolled through email or Instagram while eating? 📲 You barely taste your food and lose track of how much you eat. 😮

Turn off the technology. Chances are great that both your world and the planet 🌎 will not fall apart without your constant vigilance. Sit down at the table, with or without family or friends, and focus on your meal. 

7. Instead of cream, add coconut or almond milk to your coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon. ☕

8. Instead of processed, fat-filled bottled salad dressing, keep this in the fridge. Mix vinegar, lemon juice, minced garlic and your favorite whole grain mustard. 🍋

We all know how to lose weight. EAT LESS junk, processed, and fast food‼️

👉Eat the right kind of food.

👉Move more.

That is a simple formula. So why is it so hard to do?

Because you are addicted to fat, carbs, and sugar, and the weight-loss industry does nothing to help you overcome that addiction.🍿🍪🍟

My breakthrough came when I began transitioning to a plant-based diet. One of my biggest challenges was eliminating the convenience of fast and pre-packaged food.🥫 Another was breaking the salt-and-sugar cycle. Since then, I’ve lost 112 pounds and five clothing sizes. 💪

My BMI has dropped 11 points and is still going down. ⬇️ Eating plant-based foods has helped me in more ways than weight loss. I’ve learned to love cooking again and experimenting with new cuisines. Today, I have more energy than I did twenty years ago. 😌

If you can suffer through Weight Watchers Points, Nutrisystem’s crappy food, Jenny Craig’s price, or any other weight-loss plan and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for programs and products that don’t work, you already have the discipline to do it for yourself without the cost, the hype, or the repeated failures. 🙅🙅‍♂️

Don’t fall for their carefully targeted ads. 📺

👉 Take charge of your own body, now.

Overnight Oats Recipe 🥣

  • ½ cup gluten-free rolled oats
  • ¾ cup almond milk 🥛
  • ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

➡️Stir the oats, almond milk, and vanilla together in a small bowl.

➡️Refrigerate overnight.

➡️Stir again in the morning, and add fresh or frozen organic blueberries.

➡️Prep time is five minutes. ⏲️


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A hundred pounds or so ago, I wrote humorous astrology and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bedside Astrologer column. ♓ Yet, I couldn’t fix my own life, and I wasted thousands of dollars and too many years on weight-loss programs that left me fatter and more miserable than ever. Don’t let that happen to you. ☝️

The weight-loss industry is helping you kill yourself. Take charge of your life and your health. Let me show you how. 🙋‍♀️

Contact Hazel at hazeldixon.cooper@gmail.com 📧 or friend her on Facebook.

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