Jacqueline, 16 Born with Lymphatic Malformations, a Rare Craniofacial Disorder

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Jacque was born with lymphatic malformations which causes rare growing facial tumors. Doctors said that she would not make it to her first birthday.

She has vast medical difficulties affecting her ability to speak, breathe and eat. Jacque has a tracheostomy implanted in her throat and a gastric feeding tube in her stomach to allow for nutrition intake.

Despite these challenging circumstances, Jacque has defied all odds and is set to graduate from college next year.

While looks can be deceiving, this remarkable and inspiring young lady is changing the face of craniofacial conditions and combating the stigma. 

Jacque is near a college graduate at the age 16, we met in San Jose on 9/25/2016, during our charity event.

I met her father Paul the night before the event. Robert has known her dad for quite some time, but he didn’t realize that his daughter had a craniofacial disorder. And truth be told, when her father broke down in tears that night, we all did. Her father didn’t know Jacque had a craniofacial condition either.

Life takes you to unexpected places and brings you many blessings.

Thank you, Barcroft TV for your tireless efforts in undertaking the many ongoing stories for the ‘Born Different’ awareness series and for displaying our messages across so beautifully.

Cynthia Murphy| Craniofacial-Vegan Activist |

Teenager With Facial Tumour Proves Doctors Wrong | BORN DIFFERENT

Born with a rare facial tumour, doctors said Jacqueline would not make it to her first birthday but she has defied all odds and is set to graduate from college next year ❤

Posted by Barcroft TV on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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