San Joaquin Valley Chopped Organic Salad Recipe

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My new novel came out in January, and as I promote it and think about the next one, I’m craving the best taste for my time investment. Does this sound like you? Are you looking for something fresh and so simple you don’t even have to measure it? Something that—if you make enough—will last for days in the refrigerator?

Something that tastes so good you can serve it to guests?

California’s San Joaquin Valley where I live is rich with nuts and vegetables, which are the basis of this salad, but wherever you are, pick the freshest produce, and enjoy. It’s a healthy and delicious way to kick off the new year.

via Stacy Lucas “plant-based raw veggie salad with sunflower seeds and a special sauce”


Organic Vegetables—Pick the freshest

 Scallions (Garnish)
 Walnuts, raw or toasted
 Dried Cranberries
 Black Pepper
 Sunflower Seeds
 Bragg’s Seasoning or other salt-free seasoning

Ingredients should be chopped into small pieces. Use a manual chopper or your food processor.

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Combine equal amounts of unflavored rice wine vinegar and lime juice. Add maple syrup and a shot of sriracha to taste.

Chop and then combine all ingredients except scallions and sunflower seeds.

Stir in dressing and refrigerate, covered. Before serving stir in sunflower seeds and top with scallions.

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