Singing Vlogger with Cystic Hygroma, a Rare Craniofacial Disorder Causing a Facial Tumour

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INSPIRING young woman born with a large facial tumour making it hard to speak is beating the bullies on YouTube – by singing. Many talented performers turn to Youtube to express themselves, but among the Adele covers and earnest acoustic versions of indie classics, Courtney Blackmore cuts a unique figure.

Born with Cystic Hygroma – an extremely rare craniofacial condition that causes growths in the chin and neck – the 20-year-old sends a message of defiance to bullies every time she hits ‘upload’.

Courtney, who lives in Sonora, California had to have years of speech and language therapy as her facial tumour is so large that it prevents her from closing her mouth. Yet despite this, Courtney has a pitch-perfect singing voice and has amassed a legion of fans online because of her beautiful voice.

This woman is incredibly beautiful and courageously inspiring. This is the type of bravery that we want for ourselves and our children.

Cynthia Murphy| Craniofacial-Vegan Activist |

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